My brother, my hero. english


(on a side note: the story below takes place in a famous Dutch fantasy theme park, and contains many references to attractions. Look up the word “Efteling” on the internet or video websites for an impression.)

Hello, my name is Lucas.

I went to the Efteling yesterday with my mom, my dad, and big brother Thomas. The Efteling is a huge country in the Netherlands where many fairy tale characters and knights in armour live. But there are also many roller coasters which I very much love to ride. But I’m still not big enough…

In the afternoon I ate an ice cream with mom while dad took Thomas to a roller coaster that belonged to a knight named Joris. Thomas helped him to defeat a dragon and was rewarded with a knight costume. I told dad I also wanted a costume but he said I wasn’t big enough yet. “But I’m a big boy too, I’m four!”, I yelled while holding four fingers in the air. But then everyone started to laugh. Later that day mom gave me a different costume, red slippers with lame bells. I looked like one of Santa’s elf’s. Perfect for little boys…

When it became dark we checked into the air castle hotel. But I couldn’t sleep that night. From my bedroom window I saw blasts of fire and water rising above the trees. The Efteling country seemed to be on fire. Could the dragons have returned for knight Joris?

I quickly ran to Thomas’ bed and pushed him, but he didn’t seem to wake up. “You have to fight the dragons again, they are attacking the Efteling country”, I yelled while I shook his bed. “Go do it yourself, you wanted to be a big boy right?, Thomas mumbled in his sleep. He was right though. If I would defeat a dragon I would finally be a big boy. Which means I’d definitely get my own knight costume tomorrow…

First I hesitated, I was a bit scared to go. But someone had to protect the citizens of the Efteling country. And if Thomas didn’t want to do it, I’d have to do it myself. I put Thomas’ knight costume over my pajamas and took his sword off the table. Quickly I snuck down the stairs and left the air castle hotel. Aside from a few lanterns everything was dark outside. I followed the path and walked through deserted squares and villages. There was no sign of anyone. Luckily also no sign of dragons.

Suddenly I heard roars and screams. It came from the Ravelijn castle. I ran as fast as I could towards it. Inside the battle had already begun. Three large dragons began attacking the castle and the Ravelijn knights did their best to defeat them. I really wanted to help them but I was too scared to move. Out of nowhere I heard a loud bang. One of the dragons had smashed the roof of the stage and he noticed me in the doorway. He shot a fireball at me, but I could easily parry it with my sword. The dragon started to get angry and smashed his tail on the ground, making the entire stage collapse. I shut my eyes and prepared myself for the fall. But I never hit the ground.

When I opened my eyes I noticed Thomas had caught me in his arms. “My my, so you thought you could defeat a dragon?” he said laughing. I looked around me and saw that all dragons had disappeared. The Ravelijn knights were celebrating their victory. “Why are you here”, I asked him surprised. “To protect you of course. That’s my job as a big brother, until you’re a big boy of course.” “But I don’t want to be a big boy anymore”, I screamed while tightly hugging Thomas.

Lucas.... Lucas....? Can you let me go now?

I opened my eyes again and noticed we were back in our room in the air castle hotel. It was morning. Thomas stood by my bed and looked at me with a weird face. “Why don’t you want to be a big boy anymore”, he asked. “Because I couldn’t defeat the dragons, but you could!” Thomas rolled his eyes and pushed my away. “Dragons don’t exist”, he replied while putting on his shoes. “They do, I saw them last night. And you saw them too, I yelled. “It was probably all just a dream. Are you coming downstairs for breakfast”, Thomas replied while leaving the room. Was it really just a dream? I put my red slippers on and picked up the sword that was lying on the table. On the backside was a huge charcoal stain, and that’s when I knew for sure. Dragons do exist. My brother is a hero. And I don’t mind staying little for just a while longer.