Sag and Sog

Sag and Sog are siblings; two impish little pricks. They always pair together and are always playing tricks.

Sog is the biggest and the oldest of the two. A liquid loving demon, that hates to use the loo. It rather does its business in a warm and comfy place. Usually at night; then disappears without a trace.

Sag is quite the difference, it's stealthy and it's quick. But you know it came to visit when your crotch is feeling thick. You rub your sleepy eyes while you waddle and you drip, And that little nasty demon keeps on tugging at your hip.

Finally salvation! As the tapes are ripped away. A weight falls on the floor while your butt is on display. Sag and Sog were vanquished; their tyranny declined. While you dance towards the shower in your naked, bare, behind.