A new ABDL social network

So a few weeks ago I had a new user message me asking if I could help them get their new “social network for ABDLs” up and running which is a little odd considering all the “selling points” of this new platform were things ABDL.link had been doing since day one. If they were doing something new or different I would have tried to offer some help in one way or another. I just said good luck and left it as that.

It was also clear they didn’t have any technical background as they were just using a popular CMS with a ton of third-party plugins to provide the social features.

A few days later a friend informed me that this site was now live but had “crashed” due to the amount of people signing up (apparently around 200 which IMO is likely an inflated number) but then was later blamed on a “software plugin” causing the issue. The site didn’t just “crash” (go down) they lost the whole thing and had to rebuild from scratch (not even a backup!?)

Today I find out the site “crashed” again over the weekend and they aim to have it back up by 1st of September (likely another rebuild from scratch) 😂

Back in the day ABDL.link went from several hundred users to 6000+ overnight, I did a live migration of the platform to new servers during the highest traffic period with under 10 mins of downtime (and obviously no data loss), which was also the longest downtime to date. I’m not saying I’m amazing or that this site doesn’t have any problems, but these people like this who have created “the next big ABDL social network” scare me. Potentially 200 people trusted this person with their personal data, yet they didn’t even have any backups, they cobbled the site together using plugins, don’t even host it on their own servers, a crash results in days/weeks of downtime, and they have no technical background 🤯

Also turns out the owner is also a massive racist, and homophobe so fuck them.

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