Bamboo Flooring Problems

Have you ever heard about house that applies bamboo in its floors? What is the definition of bamboo products? What makes it better than any other types of flooring? And is there any disadvantages? These questions will face every people before selecting bamboo. Well, all the answers of all of those questions are revealed in this article.

First of all, it is flooring that use bamboo as the material. As we all know, there are so many kinds of bamboo, and unfortunately not all of them can be used for bamboo flooring. A kind of bamboo tree that is popular to use for bamboo flooring is moso.

Originated from China, it is now very popular in many Asian countries and even European countries. What makes it favorable is because it has the same hardness and texture as wooden flooring. However, it is more durable and resistant.

It means that you will find less problems than any other products. It resists the cold; you can keep warm inside a house whose floor uses bamboo even in a winter. It also cannot easily be moisturized. Therefore, it can hardly spoiled by the moist air. And, it resists insects. You will rarely see your bamboo is broken by termites.

This product comes in two types. The first one is the natural type. The natural one comes as what it is. It does not use any additional coloring, so the color of the natural bamboo flooring buying guide will be just the bamboo itself: golden, and sometimes blonde.

The second one is the carbonized one. This is the bamboo that is had carbonization coloring in the finishing process of manufacture. Therefore, you can easily differentiate both two types just by looking at the color. The natural product has lighter color than the carbonized color of bamboo flooring, which is always darker. These 2 types are suitable for many people.

The only problem that comes up with the application of bamboo flooring in houses is its pros and contras. They are triggered by the matter of eco-friendliness. Obviously, it is not eco-friendly, since it is made from trees. There will be so many trees being cut down to produce this product.

Therefore, many activists of green movement or save the earth will strictly attack the manufacture and the application of this product. Once again, however, it is based on your point of view whether or not bamboo flooring is worthy to install in your house.