After ignoring the deep cramps, which gradually increased in intensity, throughout the night – an incredibly sharp cramp snapped me out of my deep slumber. Groggy from my quick wake-up, it took a few moments to fully realize what was going on; the one-too-many extra strength laxativesi had taken the previous night were now working full effect. I grumbled softly as I felt another rumble in my gut explode and shifted myself onto my back with a loud and soggy splat – I had forgotten momentarily that I had a thick, camolauge diaper tightly taped to my waist. I had to of wet myself at least 4 full floods up to this point now, the smell of yellow piss was strong and impossible to ignore. I had no time to do anything else: I groaned loudly to my bedroom ceiling as the pressure was suddenly released at once. Soft poo loudly began to plop and squelch out into my soggy diaper. Trying helplessly in vain; I tried multiple times to stop the flow of stinky poop with no effect. Closing my eyes, I deeply grown out in pleasure – I was pooping my diaper like a helpless baby!