Milo smiled as he untied his baggy gym shorts and pulled the elastic waistband to just after his hips before letting them fall to the ground. The thick, once white diaper fastened to his waist was already overused by the looks of it. Stained a deep yellow from wetting many times there were streaks of a yellow brown towards the diaper seat. The added weight was causing some aparent serious sagging all around the padding. Milo grinned as he unfastened each of the four tapes, allowing the soggy padding to land in his hands with an echoing splurging sound. Milo waists not a moment quickly arriving at my naked body laying on Milo's bed. “Remember, once i put this on your -my- puppy following -my- rules... Got it?” Milo queried to me. I nodded quickly a few times before i closed my eyes and took a deep breath of his stronger smelling poopy diaper. Milo lifted my rear up into the air, as he positioned the padding, i could feel heat rising to my still clean skin from the pile of poo. Without warning, Milo, dropped more than lowered my ass, the impact loudly squashed his warm mess as my butt skin was coated and caked with his mess. Before i knew it, all four of the tapes were fastened and the padding was snuggly smushed to my waist. I closed my eyes and inhaled the stench of the now MY dirty diaper. Milo rubbed his crotch as he whispered, so hot puppy...”