The same lightning app with all of the techniques and technologies used in Lightning Locker will look something like the following image. It is accessible for customers with the operating system Windows 10 and following versions, and it is offered in English. Before Lightning Locker, the DOM tree and JS access for the example lightning app would seem like the following image. They are like a child's juice box with a straw so they are very handy to leave in your purse or locker so that if you get hungry you will not just eat junk. 4. Customized components can access other components DOM so long as they are in the same namespace but wont be capable of access other components DOM that are in numerous namespace. Within the below picture, we've got a simple ui:button that makes use of a div (thats in c namespace) for its label. Additionally discover that when the customized components JS tries to walk the DOM by doing div.parentNode.innerHTML to get the buttons innerHTML, it gets undefined as a result of button is in a different ui namespace. 3. Customized parts as a substitute gets a custom DOM (secureDOM), custom Window and so forth.