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from John James Redden

The captured superhero tugged at his restraints, but it was no use. He had super-human strength, but these cuffs and chains were hero-proof. When he saw the villain approaching with a pair of bandage scissors, he stopped struggling. It was best to lie still while the villain cut away his spandex hero outfit.

“Allow me to show you your new hero costume,” said the villain. He held up a disposable diaper. It was plain white and very thick.

A motor whirred. A machine lifted the hero's bound ankles. The whirring stopped. There was a crinkling sound, and the hero felt something moving under his hips. The whirring started again, and the machine lowered the hero's rear onto the diaper. The villain lifted the front of the diaper, pulled the leg elastics tight into the hero's groin, and taped the diaper up snugly.

The villain gave the front of the hero's diaper a pat. “Someone's enjoying this!” said the villain. “But we're not done.”

The machine lifted the hero's ankles again. The villain reached up and grabbed a pair of plastic pants that was hanging from a hook. The chains attached to the hero's ankle restraints were already threaded through the leg holes. The villain pulled the plastic pants around the hero's diaper. There was a rattling sound, then a click. The machine let the hero's legs down.

“Now I've really got you,” said the villain. “These plastic pants are made of a bulletproof polymer. Knives and scissors can't cut it. The chain is made of the world's toughest alloy. Bolt cutters won't break it. Only I and my minions can remove your diaper cover. We'll only change you or bathe you when you're securely bound. You'll never escape!”

“I'm sure I could find someone who could get these pants off me,” said the hero.

“No, you couldn't,” said the villain. “And even if you could, you don't want to.”

The hero was silent. Speechless.

“You want this,” said the villain.

“How did you find out...about my...um...my ABDL fantasies?”

“You've been posting online about your little fantasies for years. It was easy to figure out which screen name was yours.”

The villain released the hero's wrist and ankle restraints and helped him to his feet. “How do you like your new hero costume, so far?”

The hero looked down at the diaper. His diaper. “I like it.”

The villain raised his eyebrows.

“I really like it.”

The villain kept silent, eyebrows still raised.

“I really like it, sir?”

“Wrong word.”

“I really like it, Daddy?”

“That's a good boy,” said the villain. “We're still not done.” He held up a midnight blue footed sleeper with lightning bolts on it.

“I love it!” said the hero. “Daddy.”

The villain helped the muscular hero into the sleeper. “Time for your nap, little boy. I'll take you to your crib.”

“I have a crib?” said the hero, a grin on his face.

“Yes. A locking one. And a high chair. Oh, I almost forgot about these. Mittens, made of an electric insulator. Only for a few weeks, while you're learning to be a good little boy. Don't worry, I'll let you use your power later on.”

The hero paused. This was his last chance to resist. With his hands in those mittens, he'd be defenseless. Like a muzzled dog.

He held out his hands and let the villain lock on the mittens. No more zapping anybody. But he was beaming. His dreams were coming true!

“Let's be quiet as we go into the nursery,” said the villain. “Your older brothers are already asleep.”

There were five giant cribs in the nursery, made of metal bars. Two of them were occupied by strong, sleeping men in footed pajamas. One of the footed sleepers was red with pictures of swirling orange and yellow flames. The other was baby blue with pictures of clouds. The hero recognized the man in blue. A crime-fighting storm summoner who'd disappeared without a trace three years ago.

The hero climbed into one of the empty cribs—his crib—and lied down. There were bars on top of the crib. The villain pulled up the side of the crib. A lock snapped shut.

“Sleep well, little boy,” whispered the villain.

“Thank you, Daddy!” the hero whispered back.

As the villain tiptoed out of the room, he suppressed a wicked laugh. He had a fantasy, too: a room full of defeated heroes in cages. Heroes who would never, ever escape. Who cares what kept them there?

#abdlstories #gaysuperhero #flashfiction


from Thomas' ABDL Blog


Being gay makes these a challenge already due to smaller dating pool. Tack on being ABDL, and I have quite the vast number of limitations on an already smaller than usual pool of people.

Many of us have a decision to make in terms of whether we are looking for a partner who is also ABDL. My choice, which I decided at the beginning of college, is that I will date/marry ABDL. The reasoning behind this being that I enjoy wearing way too much to have to hide it from someone for the majority of my life, arguably the majority that matters the most, the one spent with the love of my life. Many people go the opposite way; they already have a significant other (SO) when they start wearing, and don't choose to limit the potential people by dating only ABDL. This is completely valid too, but not my personal choice.

I believe that some of the best relationships are built on trust and mutual interests, and ABDL is a very big secret. Having this connection right off the bat opens up a new intimacy seldomly experienced: being totally vulnerable, showing a side of you shown to only a select number of people; this kind-of throws you into the deep end, which can be good if you're looking to get a good look at how someone works.

This kind of start is bumpy and hurts, usually — especially when two people aren't a good match. But when you are a good match, this start flows like water. It's a slingshot, a spark. It's everything you have been waiting for and leaves everything open as a possibility; which is my current experience. Finding someone who is such a perfect match is no easy task but I'm lucky to say that I have. It's online because life can't be perfect — but a good start nonetheless. I get to take on my role, as a caregiver for my little guy, which isn't as easy as you may think, even online, but that's another post.

I don't know much in my life but I do know that life is much better with someone who you love and who loves you. Being ABDL complicates this and adds so much extra adventure. I don't regret it for a second.

— Thomas


from Ørion's Box

Sag and Sog

Sag and Sog are siblings; two impish little pricks. They always pair together and are always playing tricks.

Sog is the biggest and the oldest of the two. A liquid loving demon, that hates to use the loo. It rather does its business in a warm and comfy place. Usually at night; then disappears without a trace.

Sag is quite the difference, it's stealthy and it's quick. But you know it came to visit when your crotch is feeling thick. You rub your sleepy eyes while you waddle and you drip, And that little nasty demon keeps on tugging at your hip.

Finally salvation! As the tapes are ripped away. A weight falls on the floor while your butt is on display. Sag and Sog were vanquished; their tyranny declined. While you dance towards the shower in your naked, bare, behind.


from Ørion's Box

My brother, my hero. english


(on a side note: the story below takes place in a famous Dutch fantasy theme park, and contains many references to attractions. Look up the word “Efteling” on the internet or video websites for an impression.)

Hello, my name is Lucas.

I went to the Efteling yesterday with my mom, my dad, and big brother Thomas. The Efteling is a huge country in the Netherlands where many fairy tale characters and knights in armour live. But there are also many roller coasters which I very much love to ride. But I’m still not big enough…

In the afternoon I ate an ice cream with mom while dad took Thomas to a roller coaster that belonged to a knight named Joris. Thomas helped him to defeat a dragon and was rewarded with a knight costume. I told dad I also wanted a costume but he said I wasn’t big enough yet. “But I’m a big boy too, I’m four!”, I yelled while holding four fingers in the air. But then everyone started to laugh. Later that day mom gave me a different costume, red slippers with lame bells. I looked like one of Santa’s elf’s. Perfect for little boys…

When it became dark we checked into the air castle hotel. But I couldn’t sleep that night. From my bedroom window I saw blasts of fire and water rising above the trees. The Efteling country seemed to be on fire. Could the dragons have returned for knight Joris?

I quickly ran to Thomas’ bed and pushed him, but he didn’t seem to wake up. “You have to fight the dragons again, they are attacking the Efteling country”, I yelled while I shook his bed. “Go do it yourself, you wanted to be a big boy right?, Thomas mumbled in his sleep. He was right though. If I would defeat a dragon I would finally be a big boy. Which means I’d definitely get my own knight costume tomorrow…

First I hesitated, I was a bit scared to go. But someone had to protect the citizens of the Efteling country. And if Thomas didn’t want to do it, I’d have to do it myself. I put Thomas’ knight costume over my pajamas and took his sword off the table. Quickly I snuck down the stairs and left the air castle hotel. Aside from a few lanterns everything was dark outside. I followed the path and walked through deserted squares and villages. There was no sign of anyone. Luckily also no sign of dragons.

Suddenly I heard roars and screams. It came from the Ravelijn castle. I ran as fast as I could towards it. Inside the battle had already begun. Three large dragons began attacking the castle and the Ravelijn knights did their best to defeat them. I really wanted to help them but I was too scared to move. Out of nowhere I heard a loud bang. One of the dragons had smashed the roof of the stage and he noticed me in the doorway. He shot a fireball at me, but I could easily parry it with my sword. The dragon started to get angry and smashed his tail on the ground, making the entire stage collapse. I shut my eyes and prepared myself for the fall. But I never hit the ground.

When I opened my eyes I noticed Thomas had caught me in his arms. “My my, so you thought you could defeat a dragon?” he said laughing. I looked around me and saw that all dragons had disappeared. The Ravelijn knights were celebrating their victory. “Why are you here”, I asked him surprised. “To protect you of course. That’s my job as a big brother, until you’re a big boy of course.” “But I don’t want to be a big boy anymore”, I screamed while tightly hugging Thomas.

Lucas.... Lucas....? Can you let me go now?

I opened my eyes again and noticed we were back in our room in the air castle hotel. It was morning. Thomas stood by my bed and looked at me with a weird face. “Why don’t you want to be a big boy anymore”, he asked. “Because I couldn’t defeat the dragons, but you could!” Thomas rolled his eyes and pushed my away. “Dragons don’t exist”, he replied while putting on his shoes. “They do, I saw them last night. And you saw them too, I yelled. “It was probably all just a dream. Are you coming downstairs for breakfast”, Thomas replied while leaving the room. Was it really just a dream? I put my red slippers on and picked up the sword that was lying on the table. On the backside was a huge charcoal stain, and that’s when I knew for sure. Dragons do exist. My brother is a hero. And I don’t mind staying little for just a while longer.


from Ørion's Box

Mijn broer, mijn held. dutch


Hoi, mijn naam is Lucas.

Ik ben gisteren met mijn papa en mama en grote broer Thomas in de Efteling geweest. Dat is een heel groot land in Nederland waar heel veel sprookjes figuren en ridders wonen. Maar er zijn ook heel veel snelle achtbanen waar ik graag in wil. Maar daar ben ik nog niet groot genoeg voor...

's Middags heb ik met mama een ijsje gegeten terwijl papa met Thomas naar de achtbaan van Joris ging. Daar kreeg Thomas een ridder pak, omdat hij Joris geholpen had een draak te verslaan. Ik wilde ook zo'n pak maar papa zei dat ik daar nog niet groot genoeg voor was. “Maar ik ben wél groot, ik ben al vier!”, riep ik boos, en stak mijn vingers omhoog. Maar toen begon iedereen te lachen. Later kreeg ik bij een andere winkel van mama mijn eigen kado, pantoffels met suffe belletjes. Echt weer iets voor kleine kinderen...

's Avonds zijn we blijven slapen in het luchtkasteel hotel. Maar ik heb die nacht niet kunnen slapen. Want toen ik uit het slaapkamer raam keek zag ik heel veel vuur en water boven de bomen uitkomen. Het land leek wel in brand te staan. Zouden de draken terug zijn gekomen voor Joris?

Ik rende naar het bed van Thomas en duwde hem aan, maar hij wilde niet wakker worden. “Je moet de draken bevechten, ze vallen het Efteling land aan”. riep ik terwijl ik zijn bed schudde. “Ga lekker zelf, jij wilde toch groot zijn?, mompelde hij in zijn slaap. Daar had hij wel een punt. Als ik een draak verslaan dan zou ik eindelijk een grote jongen zijn. En dan krijg ik morgen vast en zeker ook zo'n ridder pak...

Ik heb eerst nog even getwijfeld, want ik was toch een beetje bang. Maar iemand moest de bewoners van het Efteling land beschermen. En als Thomas dat niet deed zou ik het zelf maar moeten doen. Ik trok Thomas z'n ridder pak aan over mijn pyjama en nam het zwaard van tafel. Zachtjes liep ik de trappen af en verliet het luchtkasteel hotel. Buiten was alles super donker, op enkele lantaarns na. Ik volgde het pad en liep door verlaten dorpen en lege pleinen. Er was niemand meer te bekennen in het land. Gelukkig ook geen draken dus.

Plots hoorde ik gegrom en geschreeuw. Het kwam uit het Ravelijn kasteel. Snel rende ik ernaartoe. Binnen was het gevecht al begonnen. Drie grote draken hadden de aanval geopend op het kasteel en de Ravelijn ridders deden hun best ze te verslaan. Ik wilde ze heel graag gaan helpen maar mijn benen durfde opeens niet meer verder te lopen. Ineens hoorde ik een enorme knal. Een van de draken had met zijn staart het dak van de tribune kapot geslagen en zag mij staan. Hij schoot een vuurbal op mij af, maar die kon ik makkelijk opzij slaan met mijn zwaard. De draak werd kwaad en sloeg met zijn staart zo hard op de grond dat de hele tribune instortte. Ik sloot mijn ogen en bereide mij voor op de val. Maar ik viel niet op de grond.

Toen ik mijn ogen weer open deed zag ik dat Thomas mij had opgevangen. “Zo zo, dacht jij even een draak te verslaan?” zei hij lachend. Ik keek om mij heen en zag dat alle draken verdwenen waren. De ridders vierde hun overwinning. “Waarom ben jij hier”, vroeg ik hem verbaasd. “Om jouw te beschermen natuurlijk. Dat is mijn taak als grote broer, totdat jijzelf groot genoeg bent uiteraard.” “Maar ik wil niet meer groot zijn”, riep ik terwijl ik Thomas stevig omhelsde.

Lucas.... Lucas....? Kan je mij loslaten?

Ik opende mijn ogen weer en zag dat wij weer in onze luchtkasteel kamer waren. Het ochtend geworden. Thomas stond naast mijn bed en keek mij vragend aan. “Waarom wil je nu opeens niet meer groot zijn?”, vroeg hij. “Omdat ik de draak niet kon verslaan, maar jij kon dat wél”. Thomas rolde met zijn ogen en duwde mij van zich af. “Draken bestaat toch helemaal niet”, zei hij terwijl hij zijn schoenen aantrok. “Wel waar, ik heb ze vanacht zelf gezien. En jij ook!”, riep ik boos. “Dat zal dan wel een droom geweest zijn. Kom je zo naar beneden voor het ontbijt?” vroeg Thomas terwijl hij de kamer uit liep. Was het echt een droom geweest? Ik trok mijn pantoffels met belletjes aan en pakte het zwaard op van de tafel. Op de achterkant zat een enorme brandvlek, en toen wist ik het zeker. Draken bestaan echt. Mijn grote broer is een held. En voorlopig blijf ik nog lekker even klein.


from Thomas' ABDL Blog

ABDL In Life | Beginnings | Random Thoughts |

[Reading my thoughts is like trying to get ducks at a rave in a row].

Another day passed here at school, got some unfortunate exam results which make me question my major choices. Been a while since I've felt that way, which is good, but being reminded of what has been hurts a lot.

College has been an eye-opening experience for me in every aspect; I went from having ~20 or so pieces of padding stashed away in my closet at home to having a chest, and part of two bins stuffed full of padding. What a transformation, right? From wearing once a week (If I was lucky) to every other night, or three nights in a row as it will be tonight, sitting here writing this in a Rearz Safari. Regardless, I've learned more about myself in the time since fall than I did my entire four years in high school. One of the top things I've learned about myself?

Padding isn't going anywhere. Pretty obvious “No shit Sherlock” moment for an ABDL, right? Well it didn't start out this way. No one is born knowing what they like. Most ABDLs feel a “pull” towards diapers at some point in their lives, usually as puberty starts to strike, and I was no exception. I was never too put-off by this; it wasn't something I could share with others and it felt like I was the only one in the world with these desires. It was at this point that I began to wear, to discover the Goodnites most of us started with, moved on to taped diapers and didn't look back. But throughout the whole ordeal, from divulging the secret to a family member and their shock and acceptance, I seemed to have an answer to every question they could ask. Except for one: why?

The truth is, I don't have an answer. “I just do” is what I've always said. But, the real answer is more than any of us know.

The debate in Neuropsychology about why behaviors (fetishes, kinks, desires) form falls into two categories: Nature vs. Nurture — a debate that steers every thing from anger to depression: are we born with it, or is it how we were raised/our environment? Again, the answer in regards to ABDL is impossible to pinpoint given what we currently know. My opinion given what I know is that if I wasn't ABDL I would probably be some other kink, as the fetish was already in my brain, it was just waiting for something to latch on to; in my case, diapers. And I'm happy it did. There isn't much like the feeling of a warm, soggy, mushy diaper between your legs at 0300 as you roll over and fall back asleep. It's a security blanket, a comfort object. A tether to sanity in an insane world. A feeling so indescribable I could use the rest of this unlimited space trying to describe it and still not be complete.

But, why care, Thomas?

My answer to that is simple: because it's a part of us.

I learned this fact at college. Embracing yourself can be one of the hardest parts of being ABDL. Most of the time learning about it is something that happens by yourself, until you discover the massive online community at our fingertips. The thing that makes the discovery worse though is fighting it. If you're new to this community, don't fight your love for padding/being little. It's unique gift and you've got many friends to make.

Be the best version of yourself you can be. Be little.



from Little James 🍼

Just testing embedding images in posts.

Here is Finnegan on my temporary changing table setup in a hotel in Amsterdam:

Finnegan on my changing table

Then helping me with some foxy socks Daddy got me:

My feetsies and Finnegan

This was from the time I had to take photos of him for his new album cover:

Finnegan rocks

Finnegan is the best fox in the world! ?


from Little James 🍼

So this isn't Mastodon (the software that runs on ABDL.link), this is WriteFreely which is a blogging platform, but it's federated which is why you can see it from ABDL.link!

This means ABDL.link users can follow blogs on write.abdl.link like any other user, but they can also favourite posts and eventually comment on them without having to signup somewhere else.

I'm only testing this right now, write.abdl.link might not make it until the end of the day.

I'm wondering if this would be a good solution for ABDL.link users who want to post stories or long form content.

There is no character limit, lots of formatting options and you can even share the URL outside of ABDL.link like a normal website / blog.